Updates to Haystack+ Driver and Licensing

May 08, 2018

Since our last update to the Haystack community in the Fall and as a direct result of user feedback, we have made some changes to our Haystack+ driver licensing model. First and foremost, the basic driver is now free.

We began development on the Haystack+ driver last year because we needed N4 tagging to be truly supported by the Haystack protocol for accessing tags. Our analytics team was working on database integrations as part of our SkySpark, machine learning and custom analytics projects on N4 systems. We were working with nHaystack on AX systems and needed something that would do the same for our projects on systems using the new N4 framework.

Our Niagara developers worked tirelessly to add advanced functionality to the driver so that it not only established connection between the Haystack Rest API, Niagara 4 and other platforms like SkySpark, but took it a step further to make sync bi-directional and ondemand. We now include the Haystack+ driver as part of our new analytics package onPoint, and we sell the advanced features as a Haystack+ license.

Upon initial release, it was clear from the community that while the advanced features are essential time savers for experienced master systems integrators and complex analytics projects, they are a step beyond the immediate need for the Haystack protocol to apply to Niagara 4 databases. So we’ve separated the two driver options and are offering the Haystack+ driver with the basic functionality free to all users.

The free driver is available for download from our website, Kodaro.com, now and is fully supported on our community forum at community.kodaro.com. If at a later time you need the advanced bi-directional tagging functionality, you can purchase the license from one of our distributors and unlock the advanced features from the existing driver you’ll have operating in your system. No additional download or install is needed for the advanced functions.