Kodaro works with system integrators in some of the world's most complex buildings. Through onPoint, we provide extensive data science and engineering expertise to leading integrators on projects that span university campuses, data centers, retail properties and commercial office buildings.

We'd love to partner with you to add onPoint analytics to your suite of client solutions. 

onPoint analytics help you keep delivering.

With customizable reports, accessible trend data and continuous system monitoring, onPoint analytics keeps you engaged on projects beyond installation and commissioning.

onPoint is a flexible solution that scales. 

Maybe you only have one client who is ready for analytics right now. onPoint makes it easy to start small and scale quickly. Once we get onPoint up and running in your environment, adding buildings across one client portfolio or multiple different clients is only a few clicks away.

onPoint is your analytics secret weapon. 

While you're swamped with the work you have, it can be difficult to ramp up data science knowledge fast enough to deliver reliable analytics results. onPoint makes it easy to deploy analytics without investing in additional personnel or programming training.

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