Get control of your building with better data from onPoint.

onPoint identifies the insights building operators need to improve comfort and save energy.
With a focus on continuous and actionable insights, onPoint is a comprehensive building analytics
package flexible enough to meet the
needs of diverse stakeholders. 
We've simplified building analytics for contractors, system integrators and end users.

onPoint makes it easy to implement building analytics because there's no need to learn a new system, purchase a special license or integrate a complex database.

onPoint is

4-D Insights

Go beyond fault detection and diagnostics with smarter rules than you'll get from existing BMS alarm systems

Mobile First

Get the same building analytics user experience from your desktop to the field to make the most of your time

Custom Reports

Show that you're consistently making progress toward energy, comfort and operational efficiency goals

onPoint analytics packages include:


using a secure VPN tunnel between your equipment and the Kodaro cloud


along with the database integration required to get systems communicating


covering airside and waterside equipment throughout a building or portfolio


that can be customized for your

whole team and all your clients


also known as Kodaro's expert team of engineers, programmers and data analysts

Analytics White Papers

Kodaro's analytics team includes the combined expertise of controls experts,
data analysts and software engineers to unlock the potential of
the industry's most advanced analytics engines. 
We're exploring every aspect of analytics and
writing about our findings along the way.
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Need more info about onPoint and building analytics?
Before we schedule a demo, we know you may have some questions about how it all works. We'd love to set up a call to get acquainted. Drop us a line here and our analytics team will be in touch shortly.

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