The buildings industry is filled with proprietary systems, device manufacturers and communication protocols. For Kodaro, this opens up possibilities to add value through smart software that solves real problems.

We partner with technology leaders in a variety of ways to make data accessible and usable across systems.

Here are a few of the technologies we work with on a daily basis.


SkySpark OEM

Kodaro is a SkySpark OEM offering expertise and customization for everyone looking to work with the industry's most comprehensive analytics platform.

Tridium Niagara

Community Member

Kodaro is ingrained in the Niagara platform. From our connectivity drivers to our "dockerized" Niagara 4 Port for the Dell Edge Gateway, we're Niagara experts.


Belimo Dev Partner

Kodaro built a custom analytics package for the Energy Valve to unlock the data from within this edge device to expand the hardware's energy saving potential.

Project haystack

Associate Member

We're associate members of Project Haystack, the organization that's paving the way for tagging standards in the building automation industry.

Think your technology would be a good fit for Kodaro?

When innovative hardware meets a stellar team of software standouts, the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea how we can work together, we're all ears. Drop us a line and we'll get back to you asap.